Martha Stewart Crafts

2015 27 Nov

Stencil Fun!

Let's enjoy making some Martha Stewart Crafts party cups using the cute stencils!


Martha Stewart Stencils
An assortment of Martha Stewart all purpose paints
A thin paint brush
Paper party cups
A cup with water
Paper towels

1. Choose your desired stencil and place it on the surface of your party cup. Remember to rub the edges down so paint doesn't seep through the gaps.

2. With your paint brush, apply a thin coat of paint.

3. Gently remove the stencil to reveal your design! Immediately wipe off the acrylic paint off your stencil with your wet towel.

4. Repeat and decorate all of your party cups and then finish by adding some colourful straws with your cups for your guests to enjoy!

E N  J O Y !!!